Wednesday, August 10, 2016

One more time, with feeling

If anything has changed, it's our collective desire to ride all over this country yelling and screaming. Brooklyn seeped into our souls and will never let go. 

I've sold my bike, left grad school, moved a few times across the country, developed my business, and bought three bikes. My current collection is a late 90s Terry Symmetry road bike with a 700cm back wheel and a front 24" wheel, a Dahon folding bike knockoff that is too heavy but cute, and an early 90s Specialized 24" mountain bike. 

Due to the change in locale and legality, there is less drinking and more marijuana consumption. We may have to change the name of the blog.

One of my favorite Seattle events is the Dead Baby Downhill. This is the 20th and by far biggest year for this community event borne out of bike messenger culture, Bike Kill, alleycat racing, and love for blood and glory. The downhill race ends in an industrial neighborhood on the south edge of Seattle, and a police-free street party lasts until late into the night.

Most people had cleared out after the bike messenger boxing ring was dismantled. 

The velodome is available for anyone who dares. 

Humans love gladiator games. This guy ate the pavement a second later.

A double decker bike topped with a flaming head was a nice touch.