Monday, March 29, 2010

84th Precinct Looks the Other Way

If you know about my interest in religion and technology, you know why this is even more interesting to me!

The First Presbyterian Church on Henry Street in Brooklyn Heights has been giving parishioners cards to 'allow' them park in the bike lane. Local police don't seem to care - but really? Let's turn the tables - what if local bicycle riders started chaining their bikes to the church? We know how that would end.

84th Precinct, do your job and get these cars out of the bike lane!

Peter Kaufman blogged this video of the illegal parking:

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Beth B said...

DUDE! The same thing happens to us in Denver! There's a church off of one of the few streets that has a real bike lane - 16th Street. It's a wonderful lane to take across the city, because it's not a very busy street anyway. But every Sunday, people get to park their stupid cars in that lane. If you want to drive, find your own place to park, doggone it!

Right with ya, there!