Monday, March 29, 2010

The Bike Ride That Changed My Life


Sometimes, I feel like my brain is turning into pudding. I like pudding, especially soy pudding, but this isn't a good feeling. It's a sense that your mind is fogged over and your body is soon to follow until you just poof out of existence, log out of life.

I felt like that after work today. I'd spent 8 hours sitting in front of computers, and remotely controlling computers in other rooms, and doing other network things. It was mind-numbing.

work sucks

So, when I got home, I took my bike out in the rain and headed across the w-burg bridge to Manhattan. Even just quarter-way across I knew that I had fixed the problem.

w-burg bridge

My blood was pumping again, my mind was clear, all was well again. The bike rides that change your life don't have to be epic journeys across France or races through all the boroughs, or even a whole day of biking, sometimes they can be a ride in the clouds and rain to clear the fog out of your brain. You know it's one of those rides, when an hour later, you still feel like you're there, flying through the sky and nothing will ever stop you again.


84th Precinct Looks the Other Way

If you know about my interest in religion and technology, you know why this is even more interesting to me!

The First Presbyterian Church on Henry Street in Brooklyn Heights has been giving parishioners cards to 'allow' them park in the bike lane. Local police don't seem to care - but really? Let's turn the tables - what if local bicycle riders started chaining their bikes to the church? We know how that would end.

84th Precinct, do your job and get these cars out of the bike lane!

Peter Kaufman blogged this video of the illegal parking: