Wednesday, September 16, 2009

How to Kill Someone and Get Away with it

Just go to Arizona and make sure your victim is riding a bicycle (in the bicycle lane) and then hit them with your car:
"...Jerome was killed on his bicycle Sept. 3, a month before his 85th birthday.

Jerome was about a mile from the home he shared with his brother when he was struck from behind by a Toyota Camry... Jerome, a cyclist for about 10 years, was in the bike lane wearing a helmet and reflective vest.

[The driver] who was not impaired, was cited for driving in the bike lane and for not giving a cyclist three feet of space, both civil violations. It’s unlikely he’ll face additional charges...

Erik Ryberg, a Tucson attorney who has represented cyclists for five years, says the tool is in place to criminally prosecute in such cases but nobody is willing to use it.

Ryberg says negligent homicide would be a reasonable charge but has never been applied when a cyclist has been killed by a driver.

“They reserve it for more serious cases of negligence than just driving,” he said."



She Rides a Bike said...

Arizona, where one can also carry a loaded gun into a bar.

rcp4 said...

Pedestrians, cyclists, bikers all get killed in my area (Prescott) and not much happens except for a cross on the side of the road with flowers and teddy bears. If the car driver is not impaired or driving recklessly, speeding, etc. they usually get nothing but a citation like unsafe lane change or failure to ... whatever. Sad.

kate said...

This is infuriating and unbelievable! This must be stopped!