Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Danger! Kidnappings of Innocent Bicycles!

The NYT reports on an increase in kids commuting to school by bicycle. I grew up riding my bicycle to school every day, as do many people all over the world, but in NYC, that's considered a bit strange for a kid. How strange? Well just take a look at the paranoid comments in response to the article:

"With the kidnappings of innocent children reported in the papers all the time, wouldn’t it be safer for all if they could just go back to past times and walk to a school in their own neighborhoods? "

"Great. Now you will have all these children riding bikes to school so that the crooks and thieves can beat up the kids and steal their bikes to buy crack!!

Or worse, you will have crazy NY drivers running these poor kids over as they ride through the crosswalks!!

It’s a great idea if you live in Iowa or Nebraska!

Not in NYC! This would be a bike thief’s trifecta!! Or worse, experience a sharp rise in vehicular homicide as these kids get run over by drunk and unattentive (cell phone and texting freaks) auto and truck drivers!!!

And this is why we pay the DOE employees a King’s ranson in salary to come with ideas that will place our school kids in avoidable, mortal and physical danger!!"

"...It is very common for children who go alone to end with criminals and molesters...."

"Will there be added funds given to each school where racks are installed for security to guard the racks?"

Criminals, Molesters, Helmets!


JJN said...


Thanks for posting (especially the picture). Trying not to laugh, but I can't help myself.

Lilia Pilia said...

A few years ago, I saw a presentation at the Towards Carfree Cities Conference (in Berlin or Budapest) about a German study on how kids travel to school. They found that kids who walk to school have higher math and other academic scores, but kids overwhelmingly preferred biking to school even tho it did not influence their academic performance. Riding in a car was neither fun nor healthy.