Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Is Reading the New York Times Bad for your Bones?

This article in the New York Times is just silly.  It's called "Is Bicycling Bad For Your Bones?" and asks:
"Is cycling bad for the bones? A number of intriguing studies published in the past 18 months...have raised that possibility..."

Um.... No, actually all the studies they talk about are looking at "competitive bike riders" and refer to riding a bicycle as an "endurance sport."  I don't know anyone who rides a bicycle as an "endurance sport" and just about everyone I know rides a bicycle.

Finally, at the end, they concede "most recreational cyclists probably don’t need to worry too much about their bones. “The studies to date have looked primarily at racers,” Smathers says. “That’s a very specialized demographic."

So, what was all that alarmist nonsense at the beginning? Oh, I get it, they're trying to hook you into the article by scaring you.  When did the New York Times start using tactics borrowed from the local 6 'clock news?

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spiderleggreen said...

Perhaps they started with the Iraq War? No, it was long before that. ;)