Friday, July 3, 2009

Buddha on a Bike

My new favorite person who I've never met is Patrick Reynolds.  He teaches meditation, yoga, fitness and happiness.  I'm addicted to his yoga videos on youtube and his podcast with Gwen Bell Zen is Stupid.

Here's a great bike post from his blog:

What Riding a Bike in the City Can Teach You

One of my favorite things about living in Japan is not needing a car. I have never been interested in cars, and I don't really enjoy driving. Sometimes Japanese people will tell me that one of their hobbies is "driving", but for me speeding down an asphalt road in a big hunk of metal with other bigger hunks of metal just inches away also moving at high speeds, it's just not my idea of relaxing.

Instead, I ride my bicycle just about every day of the year. I can get to any part of the city in under a half hour on my bike, often faster than a car. And over time I've learned a lot from riding a bike. These lessons also apply to a well-lived life, and so I'll share them with you now!

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