Saturday, July 25, 2009

Barcelona: Bicycle Test

A simple question to test your Barcelona bicycle savvy. Which way should you ride in this lane, left to right or right to left? Leave your answer in the comments.

THE ANSWER IS... If you're in Barcelona you go whichever direction you want. But really, whoever designed these lanes intended you to go right to left, in other words the opposite of the direction this is pointing. Right before this, on the ground you'll see an arrow pointing to the left and as you bike along, you'll occasionally find these 'arrows' pointing in the opposite direction, and not always at an intersection.... so who knows what they were trying to do here. Barcelona's bike lanes are more like an obstacle course than a bicycle infrastructure.


Christa said...

I would go right.

So what's the answer?

Carlos said...

The phrasing of your question suggests there's a trick answer, so I'm going to guess that you are traveling toward the left and encounter this symbol at the top of the bike lane, just as you reach an intersection. (It looks like the road symbols in London).

karen said...

i would go right to left... i suppose that sign means that the other vehicles have priority in traffic.

Michael said...

Thanks for humoring me and replying! : )

The answer is posted.

Carlos said...

I think it's meant to be like the triangle of the yield signs we have in the U.S. Problem is that since they're elongated, they look like directional arrows instead.