Tuesday, June 16, 2009

We're Going to Barcelona

Barcelona, by MorBCN, Flickr Creative Commons

Well, ehouse is in London at the moment, and we're hoping she'll be posting something about her trip soon. (Please encourage her to do so in the comments...)  Next she's headed to Berlin, so if you have any ideas for her, head to the comments and post away!

Next month I'll be going to Barcelona. We're staying in Gracia and Raval, splitting our time between the two neighborhoods. I've been working on planning the trip and now that the broader details are settled, it's time to start looking into bicycle rentals.

We'll want two city bicycles that are sturdy and well kept, with all the requisite features of a real bicycle (basket or rack, lock, lights, chain guard, etc).  Have an opinion, an experience to share about Barcelona or bicycling life in Spain? Please post. Do you rent bicycles in Barcelona? Why should we choose your business?   Any idea where we can rent a Velorbis in Barcelona?  (OK, yes we're spoiled and hate to give up our favorite bikes). Here is a list of the rental options I've looked at so far.

biciclot: Already in first place because they don't just rent bicycles, they're also a bicycle advocacy organization.

Barceloneta Bikes: 49 euro for one week.

bicing: the city-wide bicycle sharing program is, apparently, for locals only. Really? Wow, what a bad idea.

Budget Bikes Look like nice bicycles, but why do they have that sign on the front? Looks like about 61 euros a week.

Barcelona Biking: only lists prices by the hour..?

Barcelona by Bicycle: 55 euro for one week.  The photos of their silver city bikes look the least offensive of the selection....


Carice said...

I'm going to Barcelona this summer too, and although I'm only there for a day or two before heading to France, I've already made contact with a great bike shop that's run by a dutch guy and is all about city/ transportation cycling (they sell Azor, Brompton etc) They might not be the place for you to rent, but if, like me, you're looking for one of those practical bike things you find everywhere in Amsterdam (or Copenhagen I suppose) but which are impossible to locate here, he'd be your guy. (and he went to school in California, so no language barrier)
the place is called Bike Tech-SL
Happy travelling

Michael said...

Beautiful! Thanks Carice!