Saturday, June 20, 2009

The Best Bicycle in the World

Cykelmageren (Without Title) 2009

What is the best bicycle manufactured today? Arrow? Cykelmageren?
My suspicion is that it's something that's a danish-japanese hybrid that I don't yet know about.

You all know about A.N.T.'s bikes - but in case anyone hasn't seen them yet - now you too can dream of having one, here you go!


MBR said...

Do you know anyone who has actually taken a ride on an Arrow bike? What about Retrovelo?

MBR said...

I probably covet an A.N.T. and a Pedersen more than any other object.

whitewashasian said...

are you talking overall including price or just quality regardless of cost?

David said...

I'm fortunate enough to own an ANT bike. It's a nice ride. It has a light n' lively feel to it, perhaps, too light. But I asked Mike to build it as light as possible.

I actually rode a few of his bikes before I ordered mine. One characteristic I noticed was that the bikes had a nice flow about them, the ride felt really fluid, and it didn't seem to matter about the hubs, wheels, or other components they were equipped with, all the bikes felt liked they sailed. Aside from the aesthetics, that's what drew me to the bike.

Having said that, there is some regret. At the time, I wanted to order a track bike from Vanilla, but thought I would do that at a later time, if I could raise the money. Well, now the waiting list is 5 years! Oh well.

I'd love to try a Retrovelo. Those bikes look like a blast to ride. Too many nice bikes...