Friday, April 17, 2009

"Serious obstacles stand in the way."

The New York Times thinks they've found a "new It object" - the "dutch bicycle." But points out that "Serious obstacles stand in the way." Amazing work NYT - how did you ever uncover this little known object and the secret society that uses them? (And how did the writer get away with ignoring the community that has already embraced regular bicycles... perhaps Google searching is too advanced for a Times journalist.)

I guess the times didn't feel there was a story here until Club Monoco decided to put a Gazelle for sale in their window.... It's too bad their vision is limited to whatever is going on the corporate retail world. Club Monoco is even claiming that the Gazelle they are carrying is "Exclusively for Us" and the "Ultimate Urban Accessory." Puke. It's a bicycle, not an accessory.

And back to the Times, what's with those gloves? They're writing an article about riding a regular bicycle and say "If a guy is going to get on a bike, he wants to imagine he’s Lance Armstrong"? Right, why do you need those gloves to ride a "dutch bicycle"? Has the author even been on a bicycle?

And the final insult? No mention of Denmark? No mention of Copenhagen, the worlds best cycling city? Oh nevermind, I give up.... newspapers are dead anyway...


ehouse said...

you are not alone in your frustration, we are right here with you.

Ivan said...

Keep in mind several things, some of which I found out by asking the importers mentioned in the article, and through my own inferences:

First, between the lines is the news that the Juggernaut of the Dutch bicycle industry is now exporting to the US.

Second, the company importing the Gazelles is the very same company importing Velorbis, Sorengi among other Danish bicycles.

Third, the Club Monaco promotion really is a promotion, at a 28% discount, of the step through version of Gazelle's reproduction of the classic Dutch bicycle.

Fourth, with Club Monacos scattered throughout the urban archipelago, this is an excellent opportunity to spread the message that the bicycle is a status item, something that isn't the exclusive realm of the poor.

Fifth, you can now order these Gazelles through the local bicyle shop.

Michael said...

I wouldn't believe anything that those importers say to you. I didn't listen when I was warned by other bicycle shops not to do business with them and that was a mistake.

What do you have against the poor?

whatisawridingmybikearoundtoday said...

Good lord, those pix are ridiculous.