Thursday, April 30, 2009


I acquired a flat tire crossing Eastern Parkway last night. This was after riding on the new bike lane, visiting Prospect Park, and thinking about how much I loved everything. The sun had set as I sadly walked my bike up Underhill. It made a continous thump-thump sound; I felt the pity of passing pedestrians. Luckily, I was able to bring my bike by our neighborhood shop Brooklyn Bike y Board as soon as I left Manhattan earlier today.
I have to say I love the guys who work here. They are seriously hot and seriously talented. This is Zach (sp?) working on my bike. He got a kick out of my weird brake casing and told me a story about how he once bounced a phone off his shoe and caught it in superhuman fashion.

What I appreciate about the new owners/workers at BByB is their genuine interest in every bike (and bike owner) that rolls in. They drooled over a customer's perfect Frejus Campione del Mondo Olimpionico roadbike, yelled about plans to start a bike polo team, sprayed me in the face with a water gun (on accident), practiced track stands, and told me how they watch out for the extra small and extra large bikes- all of this while helping me and others. And, even though the shop was busy, the Fearless Leader heard me tell Zach about my plans for something other than my single speed and he showed me this small-framed, silver 5-speed with pink cables.The shop is going to put some narrow tires on this one, tune it up, and modify it for my liking. Then it's coming home with me. I haven't told my red bike yet.

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Janice said...

Brooklyn looks so inviting. I love to ride my bike. I wish I had more time and opportunities.