Thursday, April 30, 2009

Bergen St. Loves Bikes

A Crown Heights update:

If you learned anything from Michael or Biden you will know this is turning out to be a good week not to ride public transportation. So, here is some bike news.
Yesterday I was riding south on Schenectady on my way back from a job in Bed-Stuy. I turned west onto Bergen St. and low and behold there is a newly (not necessarily freshly) painted bike lane!

Up until this week Bergen has had a bike lane as far east as New York Ave, and the paint was barely there anyway. But now it goes beyond what is even shown online to at least somewhere past Schenectady.
Below shows the new lane painted over the old one futher west. The city must have been out painting this week (I also noticed fresh paint at Prospect Park last night). Isn't Crown Heights beautiful? I'm in love with Brooklyn today, if you couldn't tell.

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