Saturday, March 7, 2009

The Wild Bunches of Spring

The Times writes about us today, bikers that is.... cyclists. Which we still are, even after spending a winter hiding indoors. How do we know? Because after a snowstorm that brought in the month of March and a freezing week - today it was beautiful. So we went to Manhattan.

And, as the Times article correctly notes, much of the cycling going on in this city is still of the Faux Tour de France variety (lycra and all). But there are lots of other kinds.

There are the flocks of teens on trick bikes, zipping down the slope of the Williamsburg bridge into Manhattan much faster than the 'racing' cyclists.

There are the hipsters on fixies, their butts at least two feet higher than their handlebars, tight jeans dragged down by the combined forces of the improbable angle and janitor keys hanging from the belt loop; wearing utility as a style.

There are the delivery folk, riding a bicycle that no one would likely steal, with a chain lock thick enough to bear the anchor for an aircraft carrier - they always look to be in between something - half in the kitchen, half on a bicycle. And they are on the margins in other ways, underpaid, under tipped, under appreciated.

There are the "women in fitness" as Jennifer called them "dressed like they're active - they watch Oprah." And the Dads with their kids who say "good job staying upright buddy!"

And then there's us. A minority on our upright bicycles. Running errands and riding because it's a great way to get there. Here are photos from our day...

First we had to prepare, add some air to the tires - and I had to make my new favorite smoothie: fresh coconut water, wild blueberries and raw cacao nibs. (there are no smoothies in this photo, no matter how hard you look)


Off we headed across the Williamsburg bridge.



What is this 'character project' Jennifer asks... it looks like art, but it's from USA television network...


Expecting friends from the west...did their flight land yet?


Heading back home across the bridge, under the moonlight after a lovely day in the city.



letsgorideabike said...

"Women in fitness." Snark. I like it.

Beautiful pictures. How does she enjoy that green basket? I've seen it in many places, including a clothing shop in Nashville, of all places, so I'm wondering what its story is. -Dottie

spiderlegreen said...

That basket is cool as hell!

whatisawridingmybikearoundtoday said...

Oh, I wish *I* could ride around NYC! I was there last July and loved riding across all the bridges--Williamsburg was my favorite, even if I did get ridiculously lost trying to find my way home. Thanks for the pix.

m e l i g r o s a said...

so cute!
btw liking the night-day look change. glad to see you back :)

Scott said...

sweet bike!

Jo Chattman said...

great blog. i love that green basket? Do you know where it is from? Id love to get one for my sis...

Michael said...

And it doubles as a picnic table.

It's called the "Carrie Bicycle Basket" by Design House Stockholm. You can find them online - or if you're in NYC, they sell them at the Scandinavia House (