Saturday, January 17, 2009

You can take your lane with you

About a week ago, the bloggers for a Boston-based product innovation firm, Altitude Inc., posted an image and quick blurb about a "virtual bike lane".
Apparently this projected laser of a bike lane, a Light Lane if you will, doesn't actually exist yet but might be in development. The virtual bike lane has sparked some questions across blogs, like here and here. Some seem to wonder how it would be bright and crisp enough, where it would attach, how legal it would be, and if you could hack some other images besides the traditional bike symbol.

The designers state that the idea behind Light Lane is "Instead of adapting cycling to established bike lanes, the bike lane should adapt to the cyclists."

--thanks goes to Ben

1 comment:

William/The Author Of * said...

that rather interesting.
still only would work at night
in europe i wouldn't worry..but there are too many a'holes here in the US that would make it a target.