Wednesday, November 12, 2008

New York City Adopts Full Scale Bicycle Culture

The NY Times special edition reports this morning that New York City has approved plans to create meaningful bicycle infrastructure. This includes:

The 9th Ave. bicycle lane will extend all the way through Manhattan.

A similar 2nd Ave. bicycle lane will extend up the entire island.

"Over the next two years, every other avenue will also receive a full bike lane, blocked off from traffic, while every fifth crosstown street will be opened exclusively to bicyclists and pedestrians beginning next month."
Unlike past efforts which have really been cosmetic and not functional bicycle infrastructure, this will be a full-scale effort to build the kind of bicycle culture in New York City that we see in cities like Copenhagen.
“Now that our country is taking its rightful place among the world’s developed nations,” said Mayor Bloomberg, “it is time for our greatest city to take its place among the world’s great cities.”


Peter said...

i think that newssite is like The Onion - a parody site.

Michael said...

Hi Peter - I spent the morning distributing them all over Manhattan.

You can learn more here: