Friday, November 14, 2008

More Bike Lanes

If you hadn't noticed, the New York Times article on more bike lanes wasn't real.

But, we still hope that NYC will start making not just cosmetic changes, but serious infrastructure changes to the city so that bicycles become a totally viable method of transportation.

In the meantime, to help lobby this city, and others to build more bike lanes - go over to our neighborhood shop and buy one of their great T-Shirts. We can't stop wearing ours. 10% of the proceeds go to Recycle-a-Bicycle.

1 comment:

:: smo :: said...

yeaaaah, a friend sent me a link and i noticed that the article was "published" in 2009 and the link at the top wasn't the normal nytimes address...

but check out where some of the fake links at the bottom go! haha!

and at least NYC HAS been making cosmetic changes, there's a lot more bike lanes now which is a great start!