Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Vote, Tuesday Nov. 4th & for Mayor in 2009!

These photographs come to us from Jason Gardner, who commutes by bicycle from Brooklyn to Manhattan every day. Thanks for getting the bike lane in there!

All Americans vote on the same day, November 4th, for the President. Don't let anyone stop you - and don't accept a provisional ballot unless there is absolutely no other option. Whatever you do, don't walk away without voting! And if you do vote on a provisional ballot - document the whole process.

You can find your polling place or learn about early voting here (

Report any voting problems here (

And get ready to campaign over the next year to get a real progressive mayor in New York City. The huge network that we've organized for Obama over the past year can be put to good use in preventing Emperor Bloomberg from buying yet another term in office.

Enough with the subsidies for Trump-esque developers building multi-million dollar condos and the Financial Industry's predatory practices. Where has that brought us? Billion dollar bonuses for wall street while people loose their homes. New York wants CHANGE.

My great grandfather worked in a steel mill here in Brooklyn. That makes me a 4th generation New Yorker. It's time to make this a city for the people again. So that people like my great grandfather aren't pushed out by the rich, so that they aren't burdened with debt and forced to close their family business when the chain stores move in. Hard working New Yorkers deserve a mayor who works for them, not for the corporations, developers, bankers and brokers.

It's time to get the "Republican in Independents Clothing" OUT and give New York City back to the people. These are our streets, not Wall Street.

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