Saturday, October 18, 2008

Vesterbro to Nørrebro & well, Fisketorvet

Repaving the cycle path on Vesterbro
They've been repaving the cycle paths on Vesterbrogade, which we ride on every day - doing the work at night.


I don't know how the US survives without the Red, Yellow, Green lights for both stopping and going.

Charlotte Østervang exhibition at Nytorv

Browsing the photo exhibition of Christiania residents with bike.

Alone at night

Either a quick stop or every other bike already left and this one remains...

Riding toward Nørrebro

One of the most fun night rides I've had in Copenhagen - riding into Nørrebro and back.

The Brooklyn of Copenhagen

Nørrebro Train Station

Fisketorvet, The Mall

Fisketorvet is a mall that brings a special suburban feel right into the heart of Copenhagen. It could be a US mall, except for the housewares stores full of Danish design, oh and the prominent bicycle parking that you can just glide right into. It's 20 feet from the entrance. Even the sprawl in Copenhagen gives bicycles priority.

Cycle Parking at the Mall


m e l i g r o s a said...

cool pictures!
night rides are the best :)

Zakkaliciousness said...

Fisketorvet (we call it Fiskelortet) is consistently voted the ugliest building in Copenhagen and is held high as an example of how we SHOULDN'T design buildings.

The only people who frequent it are suburbans who show up on the train or in a car and spend the afternoon there. Locals are the ones who keep their jackets on and hurry in and out.

They're suffering, too. Financially. Copenhageners prefer our pedestrian streets, bless them.