Wednesday, October 15, 2008


We popped over to Sweden today for lunch and some shopping. Yeah, I just wanted to write that. It was raining but very lovely even so. Fall was in full effect, and the city was full of cyclists.

Biking through cemetary in Malmö
Cycling wasn't allowed through the cemetery, but I don't think the residents mind.

Air for your bicycle right on the bicycle path
Air for your tires, right next to the bike path.

Under the cycling bridge, another form of transport.

Bike rails in Malmö
Thanks for thinking of those who need to bring their bicycle up! These are all over Denmark as well.

Bridge in park in Malmö
It's always nice to walk with your friend who didn't bring a bike.


DeepBlueSea said...

The tracks are also for prams (baby buggies) as well. They think of everything, those damn Swedes!

Indra said...

I like those Luft boxes over there. Could use those here in DK. You'd be surprised how hard it is to find a bike shop when you need air.

ehouse said...

i met two adorable swedes last night in harlem, it was their first day in new york. neither one rode a bike back home so i made sure i impressed upon them the importance of doing so. who knows what they thought of some vodka'd up american girl talking to them about bikes. but they were really cute.