Thursday, October 30, 2008


Seen at Penny Licks, 158 Bedford Ave.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Vote, Tuesday Nov. 4th & for Mayor in 2009!

These photographs come to us from Jason Gardner, who commutes by bicycle from Brooklyn to Manhattan every day. Thanks for getting the bike lane in there!

All Americans vote on the same day, November 4th, for the President. Don't let anyone stop you - and don't accept a provisional ballot unless there is absolutely no other option. Whatever you do, don't walk away without voting! And if you do vote on a provisional ballot - document the whole process.

You can find your polling place or learn about early voting here (

Report any voting problems here (

And get ready to campaign over the next year to get a real progressive mayor in New York City. The huge network that we've organized for Obama over the past year can be put to good use in preventing Emperor Bloomberg from buying yet another term in office.

Enough with the subsidies for Trump-esque developers building multi-million dollar condos and the Financial Industry's predatory practices. Where has that brought us? Billion dollar bonuses for wall street while people loose their homes. New York wants CHANGE.

My great grandfather worked in a steel mill here in Brooklyn. That makes me a 4th generation New Yorker. It's time to make this a city for the people again. So that people like my great grandfather aren't pushed out by the rich, so that they aren't burdened with debt and forced to close their family business when the chain stores move in. Hard working New Yorkers deserve a mayor who works for them, not for the corporations, developers, bankers and brokers.

It's time to get the "Republican in Independents Clothing" OUT and give New York City back to the people. These are our streets, not Wall Street.

Sunday, October 19, 2008



Dragør city bicycle.


Dragør city bike hard at work.


Bike in Dragør, not working so hard.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Vesterbro to Nørrebro & well, Fisketorvet

Repaving the cycle path on Vesterbro
They've been repaving the cycle paths on Vesterbrogade, which we ride on every day - doing the work at night.


I don't know how the US survives without the Red, Yellow, Green lights for both stopping and going.

Charlotte Østervang exhibition at Nytorv

Browsing the photo exhibition of Christiania residents with bike.

Alone at night

Either a quick stop or every other bike already left and this one remains...

Riding toward Nørrebro

One of the most fun night rides I've had in Copenhagen - riding into Nørrebro and back.

The Brooklyn of Copenhagen

Nørrebro Train Station

Fisketorvet, The Mall

Fisketorvet is a mall that brings a special suburban feel right into the heart of Copenhagen. It could be a US mall, except for the housewares stores full of Danish design, oh and the prominent bicycle parking that you can just glide right into. It's 20 feet from the entrance. Even the sprawl in Copenhagen gives bicycles priority.

Cycle Parking at the Mall

Wednesday, October 15, 2008


We popped over to Sweden today for lunch and some shopping. Yeah, I just wanted to write that. It was raining but very lovely even so. Fall was in full effect, and the city was full of cyclists.

Biking through cemetary in Malmö
Cycling wasn't allowed through the cemetery, but I don't think the residents mind.

Air for your bicycle right on the bicycle path
Air for your tires, right next to the bike path.

Under the cycling bridge, another form of transport.

Bike rails in Malmö
Thanks for thinking of those who need to bring their bicycle up! These are all over Denmark as well.

Bridge in park in Malmö
It's always nice to walk with your friend who didn't bring a bike.

Fishing for Frøsnapper

I had to bike, in the rain, to two places this morning before I found the Frøsnapper that I wanted. No, it's not a fish, it's my favorite Danish Pastry. It's sprinkled with poppy and sesame seeds and then twisted and baked. It's sweet and wonderful for breakfast.

My new favorite bakery

I first went to a Bakery on Istegade, drawn in by the classic pretzel shaped sign that indicates a bakery in Denmark. This one was OK, but what I would call a 2nd tier bakery. After veering off the busy street and looking for that hidden bakery that always exists, I found Enghave Konditori on Enghave Plads 7.

They had exactly the Frøsnapper I was looking for. I'll definitely be back.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Relaxed Copenhagen Rush Hour

I wouldn't dare try to match the eye of Copenhagen Cycle Chic's stellar photographers. But I did happen to be coming home today during rush hour, and really loved cycling with these people. The Danes may be the happiest people on earth, but put me on a bike with them, and they make me the happiest person on earth.

Waiting Comfortably
Could he have been any more comfortable waiting for the light to change?

Rush Hour
Copenhagen cycles home during rush hour.

The Invisible Path

Coming off of the path, order is maintained.

Shop Hours, Credit Card Chips & Pastries

There are two things that US Americans usually find really annoying when they visit Denmark. First, everything closes really early, and many (most) shops aren't open at all after 6pm or at all on Sundays. Second, for the most part, Danish businesses require that credit card transactions are made with a card containing a chip, and if you are lucky enough to have a card with a chip, you'll still be charged a 5-7% fee for using a 'foreign' credit card. A quick Google search will find many ex-pat blogs bemoaning the fact that they can't participate in normal Danish life until they get a Dankort, the ubiquitous danish credit card that incurs no fee and has the required chip.

To prepare for your trip to Denmark, don't plan on shopping from 9am to 9pm like you would in most big American cities, if you do, you'll be disappointed. Also, prepare to take out lots of cash from the ATM and use that to pay. You'll get a better price in the stores and in some cases this will be your only option. (And don't bother trying to explain that it's actually impossible to get a credit card with a chip in it to anyone at a store in Denmark, they don't want to hear it.)

These are two issues I've known since I first lived here in the 90s. But today, I discovered a new one. You can't buy contact solution in the pharmacy or grocery store. Yes, New Yorkers, you heard that correctly. That one product that we're always buying at 3am on the way home from a bar, cannot be purchased anywhere in Denmark except (are you ready for this?) at an Opticians shop. That's right, you have to depend on the opening hours of a glasses shop to get contact solution.

Of course, these aren't big deals, and as long as you're prepared, they won't get in the way of enjoying the worlds best bicycling country and I might add, the worlds best pastries. I had one today at Jakob's Bageri (Holmbladsgade 9) on the way to Amager Strand Park. It was unreal how good it was, and no matter how many times the lovely girl at the bakery tried to help me say the name, I couldn't. I should have bought six.

1st Rental Bike

My bike and the IT University

In case you've wondered what I've been riding... here's the first bike I had until Sunday. It has since gotten a punctured tire (somewhere near Christiania) so I had to trade it in for another.

This one was a Batavus with brooks saddle - SRAM, etc. It was a very nice ride!

I specifically asked for a girl's bike with a basket - otherwise, the standard Danish men's bicycle is nothing like this. Most of the men I've seen are riding with the seats quite high, on a sporty carbon frame - and I'm really shocked at the number who are wearing helmets! It really never used to be that way.

Explore Development and Architecture in Copenhagen Online

This is the coolest site I've found so far for exploring the new developments in Copenhagen. If you're visiting the city and want to get a sense of where you can go see new or recent development projects (all of which incorporate the old and the new in really clever ways)- check out COPENHAGEN X.

I especially suggest you play around with the map - here is a link to it in English.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Red and White vs. Red and White

Søren Larsen

Denmark is playing Malta tonight here in Copenhagen - and I'm watching.
At the moment it's 3-0. Two thoughts on the game so far:

1. Isn't Søren Larsen the bomb? And he's a good footballer too.
2. Malta just sucks, right?!

Friday, October 10, 2008

The absolute BEST bicycle rental shop in Copenhagen.

First thing today, after sleeping in, we walked over to Baisikeli to rent bicycles. This is not your average bicycle rental business - they're a bicycle rental business with the mission of building a sustainable bicycle industry in Africa. The name is the swahili word for bicycle.


They've already managed to engineer bicycle ambulances for use in Africa, and distribute bicycles to children so that they can get to school faster (which helps encourage the parents to let them take a break from working at home to attend). By simply choosing Baisikeli for your Copenhagen bicycle rental, you're supporting the delivery of thousands of bicycles to people who need transportation in Africa. It's such an easy choice - when you're in Copenhagen, you must rent here.


They were brilliant, friendly and quick to outfit our chosen bicycles with baskets, lights and hand us the keys. The prices are extremely reasonable (see them here) and you can pop in and out with a bike in no time. They're also very conveniently located near Ørstedparken which is a lovely park just a few blocks from the main train station (København H.).


Henrik and Niels are the creators and owners of the project and, let me tell you - this is about helping people. It's about their vision for a better world. It's a powerful statement in a world where ego and get-rich schemes often dominate small business. They've made an ethical and moral choice - and Denmark should be so proud of these two native sons.


If you're lucky enough to see Niel's beautiful little boy - you'll see that the Danes take to bikes at a very young age! He was ready to climb right out of the carriage and onto that shiny red one. More about Baisikeli in upcoming posts...


København - Kastrup Airport - Ankomst - Arrival

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Keflavík Staff Transit

A great way to get around the airport in Iceland - two wheels.

Even in Reykjavík

With the icy North Atlantic wind, the rain and the hills, they cycle to work and school early in the morning. (That clock must have stopped a long time ago, this was actually taken around 7:00 in the morning)

Monday, October 6, 2008

Flying North

It wasn't long ago that my friend Pi visited us here in NYC. Now we're about to leave for Iceland and then Copenhagen where we'll be staying in Pi's apartment (thanks to her generously offering it to us!).

What does this have to do with the above photo? Well, it turns out that this is Pi! She was captured by the camera of Malouette, just another stylish copenhagener riding her bicycle. If I remember correctly, Pi's bike was made by Cykelmageren.

Copenhagen Cycle Chic blogged this photo previously.

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Finally, an end to pointless parity in TV news.

“So when you have Candidate A saying the sky is blue, and Candidate B saying it’s a cloudy day, I look outside and I see, well, it’s a cloudy day,” she said. “I should be able to tell my viewers, ‘Candidate A is wrong, Candidate B is right.’ And not have to say, ‘Well, you decide.’ Then it would be like I’m an idiot. And I’d be treating the audience like idiots.”
Campbell Brown, the only journalist left on CNN.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Other Bikes in Other Places

This is the fourth post from Liz. Her posts discuss neighborhoods this blog would otherwise ignore and bikes our readers generally don't ride.

So, in celebration of the other, we now turn to Liz's recent visit to Fort Collins, Colorado.

According to my brother, who has lived in the Fort Collins area for quite a while now, Colorado is a place for personal transportation lovers. There are as many Harley Davidson riders as there are Fat Tire riders. I love this picture below because I just happened to photograph this pimped-out car as I was purposefully documenting the plethora of parked mountain bikes.

modes of transport

From the few days I was there it was certainly clear that men and women in certain parts of town love to wear leather chaps as much as the CSU students love not wearing shoes.

The main square of "Old Town" Fort Collins has this bike rental program- Bike Library- that functions much like a book library does. The bikes are even free.

rent a bike

Driving north from the airport my sister-in-law was pulled over for speeding. She wasn't so happy about the ordeal but the strange thing about the whole process was how nice the police officer was. It was like he pulled us over to serve dinner and a movie. He was so polite, explained what he was doing and why; even wished us well. My sister-in-law said she felt like she needed to thank him for pulling us over. With this event in mind, I was walking the next day around the downtown and I noticed how bike centered and friendly the police station appears. The police bikes are hanging in the windows and positive bike safety posters are in the opposite display window.

police <3 bikes

If you appreciate domestic, quality beer you probably have had a Fort Collins-made beer somewhere, sometime. Fort Collins is home to the New Belgium Brewing Company. It's a brewery with a smart bike logo and smart bike advocacy program called Team Wonderbike. From their website:

"Currently more than 10,000 strong, we on Team Wonderbike have pledged to bike - not drive - better than 8 million miles in the coming year. But that's just the beginning. We need you (and your family and friends too) to take the pledge and commit to biking whenever you can.

Team members can upload stories and images and check in with other Wonderbikers at We're building an online community with regional chapters and a national voice for sensible transportation alternatives."
This is one of the many New Belgium Brewery bikes you'll spot around town:

fat tire

There was more than adequate bike parking in the downtown area, people also seemed to like these kid mobiles:

bike parking

Fort Collins is impressively bike friendly, and I'm not even counting the downtown area and the brewery. There are bike lanes everywhere, riders flow safely and smoothly with traffic, and the lanes appear to be well used during the night and day. The city's pro-bike stance is probably not news to everyone but nonetheless Fort Collins is a breath of fresh air to me.

green light