Saturday, September 20, 2008

Spotted on My Bike at the Emmy Swag Lounge!

We now interrupt Michael's intelligent bicycle coverage for something a little cattier (forgive me, I'm usually not spiteful; I just have a bad sense of humor):


I just started watching TV for the first time since high school, which might seem appropriate since my one-time favorite show -- Beverly Hills, 90210 -- is being remade this season. Sadly for the cast of the new 90210, the original show's fans -- not to mention the new series' teenage demographic -- are too busy watching Gossip Girl and Countdown with Keith Olbermann. I confess: I thought about watching the new 90210 long enough to find this photo of AnnaLynne McCord on a Velorbis Victoria Classic at the Emmy swag lounge.  Velorbis! In the swag lounge! 

The Evil Beet writes:  "Listen, AnnaLynne, baby, the A-listers don’t pose on bicycles. They just don’t."

A-listers don’t pose on bicycles? Of course, they don't! A-listers ride bicycles.

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Michael said...

Your crush on Olbermann is exceeded only by my crush on Rachel Maddow - the one other cable news host who not only has a brain, but uses it...