Friday, September 26, 2008


Why this image? Hitler was not an exceptional case. He was fascism, nationalism, racism and militarism taken to the extreme. In the 1st presidential debate, McCain said that we should freeze spending on everything in the US government budget except defense. He just proposed a MILITARY state. McCain is the new HITLER. If he is elected, the American Empire will become an enemy of the world, an imperial power seeking to control the entire globe.

With McCain as president, it won't just be "you're either with us or against us" - it will be "Join us or die." If you can't see this then you're not paying attention to the movement the US government has made toward a fascist state over the last 8 years.


Michael said...

The G**gle search results for "McCain Hitler" is one of the best new art galleries on the internet. This is my submission.

Last Chance America! USA! USA! USA! right?

Michael said...

AND - this must have something to do with it...