Wednesday, August 6, 2008

NO Bicycles Allowed at the Convention

Although they've made every effort to sell this as the "greenest convention in history" - bicycles are officially banned from the Democratic National Convention in Denver.

Citing the ever-present thorn of the New American Dream "Security Concerns" - no bicycle racks will be provided, no bicycle parking will be allowed.

I hope that there are as many protesters at the convention to hold the Democratic party accountable for its inaction as there are inside to cheer, and that the protesters bring lots of bicycles. Lots and lots of bicycles. And it turns out that there's even a bike loan program going into effect during the convention - too bad there won't be anywhere to park them...

From the Colorado Independent:

"The rack lack at the Pepsi Center doesn’t bode well for at least one pro-bicycle group that is planning to provide delegates, volunteers and the media free use of 1,000 bikes during the convention.

The group, Bikes Belong, partnered with Humana to bring bikes to Denver so as to be checked out at six different kiosks locations around town and will duplicate the effort in Minneapolis-St. Paul during the Republican convention a week after the party in Denver."

It's really absurd that Obama (yes, we get to blame everything on the new head of the party now) couldn't find a single sponsor to host a bicycle valet tent - I mean, did you see the one I took a photo of in Montréal? Sponsored by Ford? Anyone have a job for me somewhere else - I'm really, really, really sick of this country.

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Denny, Alaska said...

Gosh, one could almost believe Democrats are (gasp!) hypocrites! But, you have to consider things from the convention organizer's point-of-view: allowing people to have bicycles would be, oh, what's the phrase? a matter of free choice.

Certainly can't have that.

Travis said...

They should have organized drawing bikes in. Could have done some pre-press release about how there would be plenty of bike parking, brought in some temporary bike racks, and sold the whole thing as a PR media blitz to further their cause. In the end, it comes out the old "say one thing out of one side of the mouth and then....."

Too bad.

Great post.

Travis said...

And just how life works...This post came in my email box this morning regarding temporary bike racks.

Tom said...

its too bad. security for the insecure