Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Way, way, way beyond Lycra.

swrve Teaser

I got the most amazing product for review in the mail today - a pair of knickers and a hoodie from swvre, the LA based "urban cycling apparel" company. For today, I'm just posting this teaser until I can get out and take some photos of them while riding - but trust me, get to swrve's web site and order. You won't regret it for a second.

They sent me a "men's grey regular trim fit cotton knicker" ($80) in size 32 and a "men's blue pullover hiding hoodie" in medium($40).

Here's the thing. I'm not into cycling clothing. At all. I figure, why should I wear anything different when I'm riding my bicycle? But I am into really cool small label designer clothing with sleek looks and strong ethical standards. And that's exactly what swrve is.

These are designs that I would buy whether I'm cycling or not - and would wear even if I hated bicycles. They really are incredible.

swrve Teaser

I know, I sound a little too excited. The thing is, it's so hard for me to find summer clothes that I like. I'm really just not a summer clothing person. But these knickers and this hoodie are so sleek, I really love them. One of the most impressive things is the way they fit - it's like they were tailored for me. And the detailing and the quality of manufacture is outstanding. The knickers are so swell I would totally dress up with them in the summer for a nice night out. And the hoodie is super breathable. Our apartment is about 100 degrees right now and I just put on a long sleeve hoodie. I was sure I would regret it, but I felt cooler than I had in my T-shirt!.

Also, don't be fooled by the road bike focused photos on the web site - these clothes are uniquely classic. That's what's so amazing about the design, they'll fit right into whatever your style is. They even have a pair of knickers designed in collaboration with esteemed bicycle maker Rivendell.

swrve Teaser

And finally, check the statement out on the label:
"swrve is committed to fair labor practices

we are dedicated to the happiness and welfare of our workers. we think things like a clean and safe working environment are important. we don't think it's right to take advantage of anyone, so we offer a competitive hourly wage and additional pay bonuses. most garment work is seasonal but we think it's only fair to offer year-round employment and job security. we also have paid days off because there are more important things than work... like getting out on your bike!"

A full review with more photos will follow when I get a chance to get out and ride.


Sigrid said...

Thanks for the tip on what sounds like a great company! Just today I was talking about the need for bike friendly clothes - I feel like I need a whole new wardrobe to look good and sweat free while summer biking. Love the label. Can't wait to see some pics of you, swrve and Sleipnir!

Anonymous said...

swrve's products look great; alas, they do not make them in my size. They seem to have something against large men.

Rich said...

the herringbone 3/4 lengths are fantastic, nice and stretchy, and dry quick, good for our UK summer rain :)