Tuesday, July 15, 2008

One step closer to a car-free Bedford!

This is the best news of the summer.

July 19th, July 26th,  August 2nd and August 9th - Bedford Avenue in Williamsburg will become pedestrian only. As it is the sidewalks are too narrow to handle the walking traffic on a weekday, let alone a weekend. The goal is to test out the idea and consider closing Bedford every Saturday. That would be a dream come true...

"Not a street festival or street fair, Williamsburg Walks is an experimental temporary pedestrian street closure intended to promote the enjoyment of Northside Brooklyn, both on Bedford Avenue and beyond, by encouraging the community to come together to shop, stroll, and socialize in an area unobstructed by traffic.

Williamsburg Walks places emphasis on allowing the community to self-organize and enjoy the spaces they have at their disposal. These events will focus on community involvement, and feedback from each Williamsburg Walks weekend will influence subsequent events."

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