Monday, July 14, 2008

; )

One of the esteemed members of our online bicycling community brings up a great point.  She reminds me that I wrote in a previous comment:

"Bombshell - Thanks for reading - I've never been to Atlanta. Well, I've been to the airport, but I'm sure the rest of the city isn't full of bigoted, gluttonous rednecks..."

And she, rightly so, wonders if "generalizing people as "bigoted, gluttonous rednecks" is not the first step in eliminating ad hominem attacks on your blog...perhaps i am missing your sarcasm. "

The answer is YES!  If anyone took that comment seriously, they were missing my sarcasm.  And there is a good chance they are missing my sarcasm in about 90% of the comments I make, both here and on other blogs.  I have a very dark sense of humor, something I learned along with drunk bicycling while in Denmark, and if you combine that with the effects of NYC on a country boy - it's wild.  Some get it, some don't.

Also, I try to stay away from emoticons as much as possible.  We've become far too reliant on them.  So, don't let the lack of a winking punctuation mark fool you.

And, while we're on the topic, have a look at my favorite bike blog for some really biting sarcasm:  Bike Snob NYC

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