Thursday, June 26, 2008

Williamsburg/Greenpoint is the Center of the Universe

Anyone who has seen the number of bicycles along Bedford Ave. knows that cycling is very popular in Williamsburg. In fact, it wasn't too long ago that the city was cutting bike locks and removing bicycles from the L line Subway Station entrances on Bedford and Driggs. And now, there is an island of bicycle racks where car traffic used to be.

Williamsburg, Memorial Day Weekend Cropped

It makes sense, then, that the NYC DOT would confirm I live right in the center of the cycling universe in NYC. Hurrah!

From the Queens Ledger:
"According to Jon Orcutt, senior policy advisor for the Department of Transportation (DOT), Greenpoint and Williamsburg have the highest number of cyclists in New York City, and the city is responding to the popularity of the bicycle with several brand new cycling paths in the area.

“This neighborhood is the cycling epicenter of New York, and we want to achieve a synergy with riders and drivers to make cycling safer and bring more people out,” said Orcutt at a special meeting held last Wednesday by Community Board 1’s Transportation Committee."

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