Sunday, June 15, 2008

Weekend CycleBlog Roundup

Charlotte at Chic Cyclist is also getting an organic garden share.

Alex blogs about a bicycle cop. So does Bike Portland. One is about nice woman, the other a gang of thugs who tazered a cyclist for not having a headlight. (Maybe that's sign #19 that you have a bicycle culture?) Hmmmm... does NYC even have bicycle cops?

Speaking of Zakka, Copenhagen Cycle Chic posts more photos that can only be described as erotic... the slightly damp pavement from the always recent Danish rain, the stylish nordic fellows and gals, the bicycles with all those chain guards, baskets and lights, I can't take it.

Freewheeling Spirit blogs about his encounter with Tim Russert, whose hold-them-accountable-for-what-they've-said style of questioning will be missed.

Sigrid test rides a Skeppshult. Sadly she couldn't bring it home with her. But she can order one here and delivery is included in the price.

And, even though I followed all the rules, I lost Aaron's CPH Guide giveaway... I guess I'll survive. (If you haven't already, do check out his very cool blog - seeking inspiring music, design and observations? You'll find it on Something Rotten.)


Aaron said...

Sorry Michael! I feel guilty now. : (

Michael said...

LOL - oh no aaron, no worries - I'm being dramatic with tongue in cheeck here. : )