Sunday, June 8, 2008

First day out with her Ivory Victoria.

Today was 92 degrees, humid and hot - and then there was the lightning, and thunder and sudden rain... Wanting to protect my new camera, I took only my cameraphone. Stay tuned for some higher res photos. Jennifer carried her Ivory Victoria up and down the stairs a total of 4 times today. She rode over huge potholes, streets sparkling with glass, curbs, gravel and dirt...and she did it all in style.

Velorbis Victoria, Brooklyn Bridge
Jennifer's Ivory Victoria and the Brooklyn Bridge

Taking on the Williamsburg Bridge
Conquering the Williamsburg Bridge

Design House Basket, Velorbis Ivory Victoria
Jennifer's Design House basket.

Adjusting Ivory Victoria
Jennifer adjusting her rear wheel. We took a break so she could tune her to perfection.

La la
On the lower east side. I just want to write "la, la, la" when I see this shot...


Sigrid said...

Darn, Jennifer got there before me. Now I'm waffling again - that is one very very pretty and classy ride and I love that of course she is wearing a dress for the test ride. You are a lucky threesome! I will have to live vicariously for a while through Jennifer. Enjoy! Can't wait to see more pics.

Krista said...

The last photo is completely wonderful. Congrats on the beautiful new bike!

Charlotte said...

That is a gorgeous bike. It looks like so much fun!

aLex said...

love the color. it's the same one that gary fisher chose for his simple city 8. looks nice with the brooks saddle, too. glad to hear that he gang is fitted out, now.

Zakkaliciousness said...

skønt! wonderful. hope she likes it.
hey, what about making one of these for your stairs?

It's 'what we do' here. cheap eavestrough screwed onto the one side or both. just roll those puppies up.

Michael said...

Sigrid - you know you want one... Azor, Velorbis... the choice is yours , but either will make you very happy...

Michael said...

Zakka - she loves it! And since she's about to quit her job, she will have so much free time to ride around the city.

I love the ramp idea! I wonder if we could swing that here - our neighbors would likely also enjoy it, although they all have 5 lb. fixies and they seem to enjoy carrying them down the stairs on their pinky finger...

alba-ny said...

I just found your blog and am reading through it.
I love the photos in this post, and have a couple questions though I imagine I can't expect answers. You see, I have a similar omafeits with the samem basket in black. I just took the basket off because no matter what I or LBSs did it would slide and then wear at the bikes paint where the bracket touched. Has youu guys had this problem, and if not what are you doing that I am not??? :)
The other thing is, I have the same exact sort of skirt guard, and I find they don't stay attached well. Is this just me, or might you have any suggestions?

I am really enjoying your blog :D (I am in NYC too btw, Queens though.)

Michael said...

Hi alba-ny - thanks for reading!

I forwarded your comment to Jennifer to see if she's got a response.

I've had no problems with the coat guard on my bicycle... I found that tightening the clips by hammering them in a bit makes it super secure. I can't imagine it moving.

How is yours attached?