Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Rasberry Danes?

The Portland Mercury launches their 2008 Bike Issue with an unfortunate error. In the article "Bike to... the Future!" they identify Dane Svend Auken as "Dutch":
"In Amsterdam, there are hundreds of miles of bike lanes, over 40 percent of trips are by bike, there are enough bikes in the city for nearly every person, and fatality rates are incredibly low (1.6 deaths per hundred million trips, compared to the US's 21). In nearby Copenhagen, as Dutch politician Svend Auken told a ballroom full of Portland urban planning geeks at the June 6 Portland Plan kickoff, 40 percent of "business movement" is done by bike."

Now, this is a real pet peeve for Danes. And it's especially awful when you have the word Copenhagen and Dutch in the same sentence. (This fundamental lack of basic geography must be the fault of George W. Bush and the rest of the Canadian government in Washington D.C.)

Honestly though, I believe that US Americans do this frequently because the following goes through their heads:

"What's a person from Denmark called...? Danish? No, that can't be right, that's the name of a pastry.... it must be.... Dutch! Yes, that's it."

Well, I sent a note to the editor and hopefully they'll correct this error soon. In the meantime, enjoy The Bike Issue!

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Samuel said...

"and the rest of the Canadian government in Washington D.C."
Haha, awesome.