Monday, June 16, 2008

Car Free Street Planned for NYC

This is exactly what New York needs - a CAR FREE street running through Manhattan. Hat's off to the City Council for this idea. We can only hope that it will become permanent like Strøget in Copenhagen. The article includes a few business owners wining about it in typical US American fashion. Why don't they understand how great for business these kind of streets are? One of them does, and says "The car is obsolete in this town anyways." That's the spirit!

"A five-mile stretch of road running from Lower Manhattan to Central Park will be closed to automobiles for three days in August, as part of a city Department of Transportation program that, if successful, could lead to regular street closings.

The proposal, expected to be announced by Mr. Bloomberg at an event today, is intended to provide New Yorkers and visitors with a safe place to jog, stroll, and ride without the congestion normally associated with the city's streets. The car-free zone will run from the start of Centre Street in Lower Manhattan to 72nd Street on the Upper East Side by way of Lafayette Street, Fourth Avenue, and Park Avenue, and it will be closed between 7 a.m. and 1 p.m. on three consecutive Saturdays: August 9, August 16, and August 23." read more...

Strøget in Copenhagen, Denmark


ehouse said...

Well I know what we'll be doing those days! Yea!

Anonymous said...

excellent excellent excellent - things only getting better and better for cyclists in nyc - thanks mayor mike