Friday, June 27, 2008

More Space for Bicycles

Here's an appropriate response to bicycles crowding public transit. Make more room for bicycles. Not banning them as Lord High Autocrat Bloomberg has proposed.

"Commuters are lugging so many bicycles aboard FrontRunner trains the bikes are piling up, blocking doors and tipping over one another like dominoes. The Utah Transit Authority says it will have to dedicate more space inside train cars for bicycles. That could mean fewer seats." Read more...

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Anonymous said...

Two comments (1) there's a pretty serious bike culture in SLC, although it tends towards recreation, not transportation. (2) The light rail going South (TRAX) was greeted with some initial skepticism, but is well run, pleasant and has been a huge success.

Because the lines are very linear, there's a real need for another mode of transportation at the destination (or origin) and bikes are a great way to fill that.
The best solution of course is to increase overall capacity- something that UTA seems to be focused on.