Monday, June 2, 2008

Why doesn't IKEA Brooklyn like Bicycles?

Photo: The Brooklyn Paper / Jeff Bachner

Copenhagenize (as if you haven't all read it already) blogs about the Velorbis bikes that IKEA Denmark is providing to bring home your purchases. Wow. With New York City's first IKEA opening in Brooklyn on June 18, we can only dream that they would do something like this, if only to make up for moving into a neighborhood where some of the residents didn't want them for fear that the store would bring too much traffic. In light of that, wouldn't it make sense for IKEA to encourage bicycling?

Interestingly, IKEA brooklyn lists all the ways you can get to their store, but doesn't list bicycle... Here's what you'll find on the web site about the opening.
Get to IKEA Brooklyn
And, they even have maps about all these ways to get to IKEA, but no bicycle option... And, it turns out there IS a bike lane that will take you there. They just chose to ignore bicycles. They even have a contest to win $3000 of shopping connected to how you choose to get to IKEA, but of course, bicycle is not an option.

What can we say, at least it's not a Wal*Mart... although at least ignoring bicycles would be expected from them. Perhaps IKEA USA could learn something from IKEA Denmark...

Photo: Per Wadskjaer for IKEA borrowed from


meli said...

ikea is junk.
not worth putting near my ride.

Krista said...

Maybe if you suggest adding a category for bicycles, they'll give you the shopping certificate? It's worth a shot anyways..

2whls3spds said...

I would draft a nice letter suggesting you are unable to shop at IKEA because your form of transit isn't on their "approved" list. ;-)


Anonymous said...

Does anyone know if they at least have bike racks at the IKEA? (I can understand the web designers at their corporate office forgetting that bikes exist, but I hope the urban planners didn't.)