Sunday, June 15, 2008

Drowning and in charge...

We had a Peter Greenaway film festival last night during a wild summer thunderstorm. I was so glad we were able to find a copy of Drowning By Numbers on VHS at our local shop. The woman working there was not only really nice but happened to be a huge Greenaway fan as well so we spent some time talking about his films and the lack of availability on DVD.

Anyway... the point here is that I'd forgotten Drowning by Numbers has so many bicycles in it. This is not the best bicycle scene, there are several others which are elegant and tragic and just beautiful and have bikes that are much prettier than this one. So, go watch it now.... And appreciate the irony that although I have hydrophobia, this is my favorite film of all time.

drowning and in charge of a bicycle...

(Thanks to Muriel who first showed me this film many, many years ago.)

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