Friday, June 20, 2008

Craigslist Roundup

This is the kind of Rodeo that a vegan can support. The Craigslist Roundup. Shopping for a bike this weekend? Here's the best stock from the Craigslist Ranch.

Brooklyn, NY: "comes with big basket and new back tire back pedaling brake single speed is rusty but looks cool and drives smooth"

Montclair, NJ: "Hi, this little french bike would be good for cruising around the city or perfect for a summer beach house. It will fit people from 5' to around 6’ tall. The wheels are 20" (same size as bmx bikes) but it's adult sized. It has lots of updated parts and is ready to roll. The original paint has “patina” as they say on the antique bicycle road show. All in all, a cool little bike."

Brooklyn, NY: "It's very much the traditional bike - with a twist. There's the 18-inch frame size, 26-inch wheels, front and rear brakes plus seven-speed Shimano gears. But it's also got the looks of a vintage motorbike, right down to the mini 'petrol tank' panel and built-in headlight."

Brooklyn, NY: "Hi! I'm selling my very cute bike and throwing in the basket for a little extra! Good cruiser, but not good for long hauls, since there's just one gear. The brake cables need to be replaced as well, should be about 20 bucks, depending where you go."

Queens, NY: "This bike is cool. So cool that my neighbor was really into it, despite my pleadings that it was too tall. So we took it to the bike shop, where they put on a new seat, tires, cables and housings, and gave it a tuneup. You can figure out the rest. The bike is awesome...but too tall! It has fenders, upright bars, a great commute/bomb around town bike. It has a generator, that used to work and probably needs new bulbs. It even has a sturdy kickstand, the civilized way to park one's bike."

Find more used bicycles in NYC here...


2whls3spds said...

Love that yellow Raleigh Sprite! I have the ladies version of that bike, saved it from the scrappers. What is said is the bike you show would fit me...too bad it is about 900 miles away :-(


ehouse said...

oh i love the new jersey/french one. it is quite similar to mine...maybe my bike needs a friend?

William said...

a little off-topic - but i am very happy to see that my 'winston' is leading in the naming contest - although i do feel a little like barrack to hillary's 'Sleipnir' - also an awesome name - it has been a great race - and regardless of what happens i see unity in the churchill community going forward - and well naming my new churchill will be fun - don't quite have it yet - started 2 weeks ago tonight when it arrived - frame was too big - then Dan drove down last Tuesday with the smaller framed replacement - to meet with the producers of the 'View' - i guess they want to feature the bikes on the show - looking forward to seeing Baba Wawa tooling around town on hers - anyway he had my bike on a rack on the back of his car and was rear-ended on the FDR - my bike sustained some damage - Dan didn't want me to be without a bike so he borrowed one from the 'View' of the correct frame size and delivered it to me - my guy arrives in a week or so - and can't wait - it's an awesome ride but still not 'my bike' - feels like having a 'loaner rent-a-car' - also feels a bit like goldilocks and the three bears - my first churchill was too big - my second churchill was too dented - but my third churchill will be 'just right' :)