Friday, June 6, 2008

Bikes Today

35th & 5th
Pedaling down 5th Ave in Midtown during rush hour, probably one of the busiest streets in New York - though you wouldn't know it from this lucky (almost) car free shot....

Cargo Bike on Bedford
Found this lovely vehicle hanging out in front of the 'Mall' on Bedford in Williamsburg. It was a little beat up, but ready to go. Lovely. Closer photo in my flickr stream.


Zakkaliciousness said...

It's a long john! The Granddaddy of all cargo bikes and it's Danish. the Dutch borrowed the idea and slapped on odd looking boxes and are selling them to unsuspecting Americans but it's danish delight, baby! Saadan!

Zakkaliciousness said...

see my longjohn bike photos

Matt said...

Dope! Bikes with cargo designs seem to be popular in Europe but other than the Xtracycle don't seem so popular here in the car dominant U.S.

Another photostream to consider is

Ride on!