Monday, June 9, 2008

Assault & Bicycle Theft in Brooklyn

For the one week period of May 26 - June 1, in New York City, there were reported:

8 Murder
35 Rape
444 Robbery (theft)
332 Felony Assault (serious attack on a person)
380 Burglary (breaking into a home)
796 Grand Larceny (theft of $1000 or more)
248 Grand Larceny Auto (car theft)

I'm sure we're going to hear about how this is better than it was before - but that's not the point here. This is what happens when you have a city (and a nation) with millionaires and families who can't feed their children all living together and hardly anyone in the middle.

I would be remiss if I didn't mention that we also live in a city where the police regularly shoot unarmed black men and get away with it. Hopefully a lot of this is going to CHANGE soon.

People in NYC will assault someone or even kill them just to take a bicycle... just a thing, a piece of metal... and here's the news story:

Two teens have been indicted in the robbery and assault of a 16-year-old Jewish teen for his bicycle in Brooklyn.

Kings County District Attorney Charles Hynes announced the indictments of 17-year-old Namor Clarke and 15-year-old Basean Parker in connection with the robbery and assault in Crown Heights last month.

In the 16-count indictment, the top charges against Parker and Clarke include Assault in the First Degree, Robbery in the First Degree, Assault in the Second Degree and Robbery in the Second Degree. If convicted, they could face a maximum of 25 years in prison.

The indictment charges that, on May 15, Clarke and Parker attacked Alon Sherman and stole his cell phone and bicycle, while Sherman, 16, rode his bicycle along Albany Avenue in Crown Heights, to buy his younger brother baby formula. As a result of the attack, Sherman suffered a broken jaw, contusions and lacerations around his left eye socket and had to have his jaw temporarily wired shut.


Krista said...

Aww... poor kid, that's horrible. That's just one week worth of crime stats? Geesh...

I hope they didn't steal his bike after all that.

obimomkenobi said...

I can't even imagine. Really and truly I can't imagine how anyone can be so heartless to someone else - and over a cellphone and bicycle. I wish Alon a quick and speedy recovery, physically and emotionally. Poor kid...