Tuesday, June 17, 2008

9th Ave. Bicycle Path


On 9th Ave., the west side of Manhattan, a segregated bike lane has been constructed with temporary partitions. The city has put forward a plan to make it permanent. I rode over to take a look at the lane.


There are traffic lights for the bicycle lane, but mounted very high - so high in fact, that I didn't notice them at first - I hope the city decides to lower them.

The lane runs from around 23rd to 14th. It was good to ride in, but since there is no northbound lane, I ran into more cyclists (delivery riders mostly) who were going the wrong way on the lane.

In fact, on this night, I encountered at least 20-30 delivery riders who were riding the wrong way and almost hit me. None of them had bells or lights. Here's a typical delivery guy, as you can see he's riding the wrong way in the bike lane, on a one way street. They're everywhere and I've frequently seen them almost hit pedestrians.


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