Monday, May 12, 2008


OK, I think this is it. I'm just about ready to place my order. I'm composing an email to Seattle Dutch Bike Co. as we speak about the order.

This is the Opa, and I believe it's the product of Azor and Henry WorkCycles in the Netherlands. It has, I believe, all the features I was looking for:

A steel frame
8 speed internally geared hub
Hub dynamo powering the front and rear lights
Front and rear roller brakes
Center kickstand
Fenders, coat guard and rear rack
Chaincase cover
Built-in wheel lock

If I understand the weight correctly, this is over 50 lbs of welded goodness. This is a bike that stays on the ground.

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aLex said...

for g'd's sake, here's my mobile - (312) 925-alex. i am willing to walk you through this. (final comment for the evening.)