Sunday, May 18, 2008

Liz & her bike

Liz just biked from her house to mine for the first time, in the rain. And she loved it! If you go the way G**gle wants you to (in a car), that would look like this and it's pretty close to the route she took - on one of NYCs new bike lanes:

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It was so much fun to come home and find her waiting by my door, all wet and smiling.

Her bike is something japanese called "Person's Sports Bicycle - for comfortable city cycling." Yes, it says that on the bicycle. Amen.


ehouse said...

Per Request: Hailejaa, Liz's local postman/repairman/neighborhood guru, found the bike in the trash here in Brooklyn. He gave it to Georgia, Liz's roommate, before it finally found Liz.

So even if you want to buy a shiny new bike always give an old bike a good home when it calls out to you.

Michael said...

ehouse - thanks for this cryptic post about the origins of Liz's bike. Can we ask how you know this?