Sunday, May 18, 2008

Welcoming Kronan Back

After much anticipation, the Swedish bicycle company Kronan has resumed sales in the US on a new web site. You can buy the 1 and 3 speed Kronan in black, red, white, blue and green. The 5 speed aluminum unisex bike comes in black, red and white. Ranging from $500-$700 these are just about the most affordable bike of this type in the US market. And the best part is that shipping to anywhere in the US is only $47 and should arrive in about 10 days. That's about $300 less than the shipping charged by most US distributors of European bikes of this weight.

And if, say, Kronan decided to send me one, I would be happy to give it a full review! (By the way, I like red, blue or green *wink wink*)


gabe f said...


I looked for an email address but couldnt find anything. I am wondering if you could recommend a place in NYC to get a nice dutch style ride. I have family down there for a few days and I wanted them to bring me back an old style cruiser like the ones made by Azor, Kronan, Batavus etc etc. I thought there might be some good options there but I cant find any mention of shops selling these bikes out on the web. Any ideas?


Michael said...

Hi Gabe -

Check out the post below this one called "Are you stuck in North America too?"

Unfortunately there aren't any stores in NYC that have Azor or Kronan bikes. There are a couple that have Batavus - Call the shops that carry Batavus and ask them what they have in stock. I know from visiting that, as of 2 weeks ago, the one on 2nd Ave has some in stock, when I visited they were in the basement and they didn't want to bring them up ("They're too heavy"). And the shop in Brooklyn, which is right by my house and I'm actually about to go there, has one Batavus model on the floor.

These are the Batavus dealers in NYC:



One final option is the store called Ernest Sewn. They have one Jorg & Olif in the window of their shop on the lower east side. You should call them and ask about availability. See the list of dealers for the Jorg & Olif site.

Question? post them!

gabe f said...

thanks for the response...sounds like there arent any better options than here in Canada. As for the Jorg and Olif, there is no dealers section on their website and I think the Ernest Sewn one is just for window display...and I'm looking for a horizontal cross bar.

You seem to have excellent taste in bikes...what did you end up going with for yourself? I am looking at the Kronan but I need a US mailing address and I wouldnt mind trying one before I buy - I like heavy bikes but I have heard bad things about this one's weight.

Michael said...

Did you see the shops in my list that are in Canada? Take a look at the one in Ontario, they'll ship to you for free.

Jorg & Olif does mail order - they have a "how to order" section on the web site. I believe they also sell out of a store in Vancouver.

There's a post about which bike I selected...take a look. : )

Freewheel said...

Very nice. I will put this on my "bikes for the rest of us" list!

Michael said...

Freewheel - thanks for coming by! Hope to see you again! Love your blogs...