Monday, May 5, 2008

I saw something today.

Walking home from the subway today - down Bedford Ave. - I saw something. Something I've never seen before. I wanted to take out my phone and snap a photo, but my modesty got the better of me. I couldn't bring myself to take a photo of them.

Along the avenue there are many bikes parked in front of cafés and shops, they're mostly delivery bikes, and they all have wire baskets on the front. In one of these baskets I noticed some movement. There were two little birds in the basket, they were - well, they were all over each other.

I've never seen little birds doing that before, and certainly not in a bike basket. But I suppose, when you live in a flowering tree on Bedford Ave., a bike basket down below is as good a place as any to make some more little birds.

Bicycles, spring, birds and love. What could be better.

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1 comment:

Sigrid said...

I guess it is happening everywhere. So much more dignified in a bike basket than under a mini van!