Thursday, May 15, 2008

Bike Parking in New York City

Could this be true? Is there really a place where I can park my bike in lower Manhattan?

"...the Department of City-Wide Administrative Services offers bike parking for all city employees in Lower Manhattan at 100 Gold Street and 280 Broadway."

Joshua Benson, the bicycle program coordinator for the New York City Department of Transportation, answering questions about cycling in New York City.

As an employee of the City University of New York - that must mean I can park my bike there - this is great news! I've just submitted a request to the DOT for information and I'll post an update when I get a reply.

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aLex said...

da mayor has a bicycle parking lot in millenium park in chicago with bike showers and lockers available for rental. my husband's company is building a new highrise in the loop. they will have indoor bicycle parking and showers. it's been a long-time coming ...