Thursday, May 22, 2008

Bike from Queens to Minnahononck

Roosevelt Island 260 reports that there may in fact be a bike path in the works for the bridge connecting the island known to real native New Yorkers as Minnahononck with the badass borough Queens... This would be a welcome development!

When my roommates and I first started our hunt for a communal home, we dreamed of Roosevelt Island, that thin, sometimes forgotten sliver of hope in the East River between Manhattan and Queens... We loved the history and intention of the original development and worried for the results and the future of the island - but wanted to be a part of it. We especially imagined riding our bikes around the lovely, peaceful and calm island with beautiful views of Manhattan.

Jennifer and I even went on a scouting expedition, which quickly turned into a photo shoot. And yes, RI is that dreamy - go in the summer, and forget that you live in a city of 8 million...

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