Tuesday, May 13, 2008

The Battle of the Bikes


I love the debate that has started in the comments betwen the Azor Opa supporters and the Velorbis Churchill supporters.

As I posted earlier, I was ready to order my Opa, but it turns out the shop didn't have the Velorbis I needed to buy as a gift - so the field opened up again and now the option is between the Azor Opa and the Velorbis Churchill.

I spent a lot of today reading about technical specifications - about the hubs, the gears, the dynamo, the lights, etc. Since there have been lots of comments about it - I wanted to post this follow up to encourage the debate.

So, is it true that the Velorbis is just a fancy bike with nice details, but without the solid build of the Azor? Is it true that the Azor doesn't have the high quality components of the Velorbis?

Keep in mind that I am having all the leather components removed from the Velorbis and replaced with non-leather. This means trading out the Brooks for a Lepper saddle, etc.

Here are two places where you could start the debate. I don't know much about the merits of these, so please write all you want!

The Azor Shimano Hubs vs. the Velorbis Sturmey Archer SRAM Hubs

The Azor Hi-Ten frame vs. the Velorbis Chromoly frame


aLex said...

hey, michael. i know that you wanted the debate to continue here. however, i have a more humorous post. your bicycle war entered my subconscious. on monday night, i left you several comments. that same night, i had a dream that hank and i were in williamsburg and rang your bell. you came down, took hank for a test ride, and fell in love with it. HOWEVER, when you tried to fit hank into the elevator in your building, he was too long. you stood at your front door, looked at hank and me, and said, "i'm sorry. it's not going to work." we stood there sad and watched you close the door.

i am not kidding. i guess that i need to see a head jockey over your bicycle decision.

aLex said...

i don't know the technical stuff about the steel. i have a herniated disk at my l4/l5 in my lower back; however, i never, ever feel the crappy road beneath me on hank. we glide along, albeit more slowly than a velorbis, perhaps.

Michael said...

Alex - I know that you must be psychic. I think that you must have actually tapped into my brain and the thoughts that were going on...

That is the best story. Thanks for sharing it!

And, btw, if this building had an elevator, I would already have an Opa! I've got to post a photo of the stairs that I would have to carry it up. I'll do that asap...

Cosmo said...

Hi,I am curious about your saddle. What kind of lepper saddle is it and are they easy to find. I am looking at getting a euro type bike and I know that many of them come with leather saddles. I will want to switch that out if that is what I get. Thanks.

Cosmo said...

I think it is awesome that you veganized your Velorbis.