Sunday, May 18, 2008

Are you stuck in North America too?

Thanks for the mention to the fine folk at Copenhagen Cycle Chic, they are not only so drunk and in charge, but they choose style over speed - the only way to go....

As promised - here is the list of dealers and distributors.
(Additions? Comments? Reviews? Post them in the comments and I'll keep this list updated.)

Bike Dealers

EASTERN North America

Massachusetts, USA
A.N.T (Alternative Needs Transportation): Bespoke bikes (

Ontario, CANADA
Curbside Cycle: Batavus, Pashley, Biomega ( - Free shipping on all orders over $100

WESTERN North America

British Columbia, CANADA
Rain City Bikes: Azor, Bakfietsen (
Jorg & Olif: Azor bikes (

Oregon, USA
Clever Cycles: Azor, Batavus, Bakfietsen (

Washington, USA
Dutch Bike Co. Seattle: Azor, Velorbis, Retrovelo, Bakfietsen ( - Ships anywhere


Fourth Floor Distribution: Find other Canadian dealers of bikes and accessories here. (
Kronan: Began selling online in North America in May 2008 (
Dutch Bicycle Company: Grand 1888, Velorbis, Bakfietsen, Sögreni (
Batavus Dealers: Many bike shops can special order from a very limited selection of Batavus bikes - they will charge you for the shipping.
Biria: Many bike shops can special order bikes by the German company Biria.

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