Friday, May 23, 2008

An American

Today was my first day with a new camera. Walking to Sid's Bike Shop after work. It's a big city and sometimes it's beautiful.

I ended up buying the gear I was looking for at Paragon and my LBS. On the way to pick up a parcel at the post office, I saw a color coordinated cyclist navigating the sidewalks, crosswalks and seas of cars. At my final stop on the way home, I found these cool stickers.

Walk and then ride



RidingPretty said...

Hello Brooklyn!
You will find I’ve included you in my ‘Truly Committed’ list to bring attention to riders who ride on a regular basis and blog about their adventures!

Also I couldn’t help but notice a synchronistic occurrence and blogged about it
Euro-Style Bicycles & Saving the Environment … and I’ve linked to you blog
Happy Riding!
And I Can't wait to see you photos!!!!

Michael said...

Hi Shelly! Great blog! Thanks for coming by - I'm about to upload a bunch of photos from today, so stay tuned!