Monday, May 5, 2008

Alex's big day.

Hank is about to arrive in Chicago. It sounds like it could be today or tomorrow. We're hoping it's today. If this doesn't get you all excited, you have some catching up to do on Hank & Me.


Sigrid said...

Another blog for me to live vicariously through - can't wait to see where your journey takes you. It's amazing when you start hunting around to find others on the same path - I love it! I am excited for you and your friends.

It is hard picking just one! I like your humor and join you in your enthusiasm for hank.

Michael said...

Thanks Sigrid!

I love your blog! and the name is great!

I'll be adding you to my list of daily cycle blogs and keeping up with your search...


Sigrid said...

Thanks Michael!

I think my obsession may be out of control at the moment... But, blogging is more fun than work. And after I get back from Sweden, hopefully before the end of the summer, riding a Dutch-style bike will be more fun than work too.