Saturday, May 3, 2008


When I arrived in Nantucket, my friend Jennifer and I went looking for bikes right away. We went to one of the two island bike shops, the one we were told sold used bikes - and asked. They had one that I could possibly fit on, so that would become my bike. When I look at it now I laugh, but it was a great bike - although completely too small for me. She was even worked on by the same bike shop that serviced John Kerry's bike - and I always thought I got faster service because during the election in 2004, I covered her in Kerry stickers. I left her in Nantucket when I moved (the bike, not Jennifer, she's now one of my wonderful roommates here in the city) but the memories of many trips all over the island as well as daily commuting to work remain.

There were certainly many drunk nights on this bike. That's Nantucket for you, and Jennifer can attest to that.

Well, here she is, promise you won't laugh...

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